Be Immortal

Hey there Troublemakers!

I just want to start this post by saying thank you. Your support has been so amazing and I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you all have done. You’re the only reason I am where I am today, so THANK YOU!

To show my appreciation for you wonderful people, my publisher told me that if you leave a review on Amazon (a good one, hopefully!) you can get your name in the last page of the online version and paperback, hard copy of the book! How awesome would that be?!

It’s super easy,  which makes it even better. So, to get your name in the published version of Downright Delinquents, all you have to do is write your review, fill in the sign up form below and that’s it! Would be pretty cool to show your friends that you’re mentioned in a published book, right?
So again, just to be clear:

1. Review the book on Amazon
2. Fill in the form below

And that’s all there is to it!
This is all going down next week, so if you would like to be mentioned, it’d probably be best to go ahead and do it ASAP!

Thanks again, guys. You’re awesome!

Love Lauren xox