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Downright Delinquents

She was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

It was supposed to be just another night of hanging out with friends for Hayley Larson… that is, until things go horribly wrong. She witnesses her father’s brutal murder and barely escapes with her life.

Now orphaned, Hayley’s life quickly goes on a downward spiral. She is passed from one guardian to another and eventually ends up in the infamous Downright High, a place meant to discipline even the nastiest, most despicable delinquent. She is abruptly thrown into a life where indoor brawls, school lockdowns, and torturous hours of disciplinary isolation are all expected to happen before dinner.

Amidst the madness, Hayley meets Colin—an arrogant yet irresistibly captivating delinquent with his own set of issues. The attraction between them is unmistakable. And just when they begin to open up to each other, Hayley’s dark past catches up with her. Will Colin look beyond his own problems and reach out to help Hayley? Or will he serve as the final straw that will push her to the brink of self-destruction?

Get a copy now and join Hayley and Colin as they sift through the riddles of love, deception, and survival in the perilous halls of Downright High.